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Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – The Dominants

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google head up among the cloud hosting service providers with secure, adaptable, and dependable cloud services. As per the recent studies, global users spending on cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP is expected to grow 23.1% in 2021 compared to figures in 2020. 

For Cloud Hosting, Zoondia is one of the top cloud storage providers that offer reliable cloud hosting services to serve the best cloud hosting solutions.

Establishment of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services is from launched in 2006 with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Microsoft Azure, primarily named Azure, was launched in 2010 to offer a powerful Cloud Computing platform for businesses, later renamed as ‘Microsoft Azure’ in 2014.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), presented by Google, commenced in 2011, as a part of Cloud Computing services.   

AWS vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud – Key Aspects

After a detailed study about these hosting giants, it is clear that AWS holds the utmost dominance.  Even though AWS is leading in the race, it’s not easy to conclude how long AWS will maintain the distinction. In the case of Azure, it is easy to integrate MS tools with Azure cloud. 

Let’s glance at some of the offerings from AWS, Azure & GCP.

Compute Services

For compute, AWS’s prime offering is its EC2 instances; in the case of Azure, their compute offering is its Virtual Machines (VMs), Cloud Services, and Resource Manager. Google’s scalable Compute Engine provides VMs in Google’s data centers.

Database Services

AWS, Azure, and GCP provide relational databases like Azure SQL Database, Amazon Relational Database Service, Redshift, Google Cloud SQL, and NoSQL databases with Azure DocumentDB, Amazon DynamoDB, and Google Bigtable.

Storage Service

AWS storage endows Simple Storage (S3), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Elastic File System (EFS). Microsoft Azure has core Azure Storage service, Azure Blob block storage, Table, Queue, and File storage. At the same time, GCP enables Cloud Spanner, Datastore, Persistent Disk, and Data Transfer.

Networking Services

AWS, Azure, and GCP offer peerless networking services with automated server load balancing and connectivity to on-premise systems.

Zoondia – Excellent Cloud Hosting Services

In addition to the offerings mentioned above, Zoondia provides the first-rate cloud hosting service with the choice of application and scalability over a single shared server. 

Our High-Quality Hosting Service with Supporting Packages includes

  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • Cpanel Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Plesk Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Self Managed Hosting
  • Fully Managed Hosting
  • Linux Dedicated Hosting
  • Windows Dedicated Hosting

Our proficient cloud engineers designed the customized cloud solutions backed by our low-latency route optimization engine for supreme network performance. There are many more ways that our cloud hosting services can be beneficial for your website and business enterprise that led to accelerating your business achievements to an exceptional magnitude. 

Zoondia is the top cloud hosting and storage provider for you, with the choice of application and scalability over a single shared server. If you want our cloud hosting services, get in touch with us.

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