July 26, 2022

Future Of Digital Marketing Industry And Its Benefits

Digital marketing’s landscape changes so much and so frequently that it’s impossible to predict what the future holds for the field.

Influencer marketing has matured from its early days as a viable and powerful marketing channel in its own right over the past year or two due to new technologies, a backlash in social media, and new technologies in digital marketing.

For 2022 and beyond, what are the biggest trends in digital marketing? Let us see them below.

Voice powered search

In 2017 and 2018, smart speakers and “assistants” really took off, as people can search for the things they were looking for with their voices. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home became available.

This hands-free tech will become a more standard way that users interact with their devices as the trend in mobile continues to grow. Over half of all search queries are powered by voice search, according to estimates.

AI- powered Marketing and Support Technology

Over the next few years, we’ll see exponential leaps in what artificial intelligence is capable of when it comes to digital marketing.

With machine learning algorithms becoming more sophisticated and capable of emulating human beings with breathtaking accuracy, chatbots will become a customer service standard and replace live agents more and more frequently.

The Future of Social Media

There is still room for social media to grow, even though you might think it is already ubiquitous. The future of social media may be something, well, more social, but its growth is unlikely to slow anytime soon.

As social media becomes more integrated into both online and offline services, it will continue to expand everywhere.

Using social media has spilled over into the real world, where individuals rate their interactions with others and are rewarded for better housing, jobs, and social status.

Augmented Reality Becomes Commonplace

Augmented reality is not only meant for the gamers as a gimmick. Brands are using it more and more to reach customers. In addition, Ikea now offers a virtual reality catalogue where you can place furniture in your home and fashion brands are using augmented reality to allow their customers to try on clothes virtually in the comfort of their own homes.

Conclusion: What does the future hold for digital marketing?

In today’s market, many of us know that the seemingly impossible is only a few steps away. With the aid of the latest trends in digital marketing, there comes an array of opportunities to market your products and services creatively.

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