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The media and entertainment industry are experiencing unprecedented change, exacerbated by recent unforeseen events. Traditional linear and printing business strategies struggle to generate sales and profits. The industry is also changing direction and is rapidly adapting to digital business models. Consumers are increasingly streaming material online, participating in online gaming tournaments, and effectively attending events. Rapidly changing consumer behavior requires faster development and transformation of the entire supply chain, from content creation and delivery to consumption.

The COVID 19 pandemic, which began in 2020, has accelerated the fundamental issues and trends that the media and entertainment sector has long faced. In addition, digital transformation trends in the media and entertainment industry are focused on increasing video advertising, demanding digital experiences, and increasing mobile data usage due to growing demand. All of these are continuing in the present as well.



The M&E industry is increasingly demanded by today’s consumers who are very loud, enthusiastic, and highly demanding to deliver content based on media, context, schedule, and preferences. The media interaction is growing strongly and Internet is the key to both the growth and development of the industry. As it’s well known, the Internet has radically changed the way people consume content, it changed both the production and consumption of content.

Digitization in the M&E industry threatens the traditional environment in many ways. It also creates many markets where no specific product exists, such as computer software, eBooks, music, and even online advertising. These intangible markets are still adding real tangible money to corporate profits and are an interesting area to watch the economy transition to the 2020s in e-commerce as a big player in marketing games.


Undoubtedly, we can say that IT is a great blessing to the modern media and entertainment industry. The media and entertainment industry were the first to embrace digital advances. Every mobile app development company understands the need to integrate physical and digital targets. Mobile applications are in demand these days. Watching a movie at your convenience and connecting with people at a fingertip as well as reverting to the boredom of life with amazing video games have made life more enjoyable and easier. There are many top mobile app development companies in India and USA which deliver the best mobile app development services.

An interactive platform is required for music, movies, and live shows on the web with the latest technologies. The world of the web is the most common and effective way for people to stay up to date with the latest news from the entertainment and media industry and this has been made easy with custom web design and development companies. Conversely, this hasallowed the entertainment sector to rapidly expand its reach and cement its social media marketing efforts; even a low-budget film can accomplish fantastic results via marketing, and social media is the perfect area to conduct marketing campaigns.

Access to faster internet and the introduction of digital streaming technologies have enabled consumers to broaden their media collection to include foreign content. The growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is clear recently.

It is gaining popularity every day and is becoming an integral part of our lives.  AR / VR adoption is seen in a variety of industries mainly media and entertainment. Perhaps the most prominent examples of AR/VR use in the entertainment industry are XD movies and cinemas (3D, 4D, 5D, 7D, and 9D). In contrast, this has allowed the entertainment sector to rapidly expand its reach and cement its social media marketing efforts, even if the film was created on a tiny scale.

Undoubtedly, innovative technologies and shifted consumer behavior have turned the entire media and entertainment industry upside down. Personalized content, multimedia, and services are what consumers want and can be accessed from the device of their choice.

All proliferation is due to the diligence of reliable entertainment technology solutions Thus, various sectors of the media and entertainment industry can avail the benefits from the implementation of IT solutions. Being one of the best website development companies. Zoondia’s IT service is designed to help organizations integrate with technologies like web development, mobile technology, cloud computing, Machine Learning, etc.

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