July 10, 2024

Looking for a leading website design company in UAE for your business websites? 

Looking for a leading website design company for business websites? 

You are in the right place! Zoondia with multiple years of experience in developing greater UI UX designs for business firms are expanding their horizons by extending their services to UAE. 

Well, you can contact them to build amazing user experiences for your customers. But before doing one need to have a basic understanding of the things to be taken care of while designing a website for your business.

Lets see them in a little detail.

In this digital world, website design plays a huge role if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. 

1. Maintain a clear and tidy layout.

The structure of a web page should be basic and tidy. Make careful to make good use of the given area. Reduce the amount of whitespace you use. Graphics and text on the page should be aesthetically balanced and correctly positioned. Also, make sure that the text’s width is sufficient to deliver the necessary information.

2. Use efficient typography to improve readability.

Typography is concerned with how well your text or type is legible. When selecting a type, make sure it complements your style and theme. Use distinct fonts, colour contrast, and text size to create visual hierarchy and avoid misunderstanding. Pay close attention to punctuation marks, regular text alignment, and precise space between lines, letters, and characters.

3. Use user-friendly designs that suit your brand.

Websites that are well designed are stunning, easy to browse, and comprehend. Furthermore, designs that correspond with the brand’s aim are quite beneficial in recognising and promoting your firm. Always remember that your website must represent the quality of your organisation or product.

4. Use a colour scheme that is centred on the consumer.

Colours have a significant impact on the mood of visitors. Each hue represents a particular feeling and elicits a different response. Try different colour schemes depending on your target consumer, such as vivid colours if you are a cosmetic company or boring dark hues if your target customers are professionals or business owners, while developing your website.

5. Make navigating simple.

People want clear, direct, and simple pathways. Create a navigation system that makes moving visitors from one location to another on your website a breeze. Display hyperlinks clearly and utilise contrasting colours to distinguish navigational bars from other text, allowing for simple access to essential information. However, try to keep navigation bars to a minimum.

6.  With correct design, you may cut down on site loading time.

Use design elements that can help your website load quicker, such as CSS, eliminating nested tables, minimising superfluous white space, keeping code clean, dividing lengthy pages into numerous shorter pages, lowering the amount of plugins, scripts, and pictures.

7. Effectively place call to action buttons

Add call to action buttons to your site’s design to direct readers to do actions such as buy, learn more, add to cart, and so on. These buttons should preferably be the largest on a given page and produced in contrasting colours to stand out and draw attention. They should use plain and simple language to easily express what action the audience should do.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a highly experienced web designing company in dubai, do contact Zoondia.  

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