August 23, 2022

The Importance Of AI In The Healthcare Sector: Present And Upcoming Trends

Among all the enormous developments taking place across numerous industries, healthcare is one that is being revolutionised using the latest technology to suit the time’s tough expectations. 

The healthcare sector is being evolved within a short span of time. AI, along with a number of other technologies, may assist healthcare companies in operating more effectively and providing better patient care. 

As time passes, technology provides new trends and potential that have the ability to further revolutionise the sector.

Well, let us now delve into the present and upcoming trends of Artificial Intelligence below.

Recent Trends of AI in the Healthcare Sector

  • Helps to remain active and healthy

With the advent of Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), it has allowed the release of health applications by the best app development company in the market. 

Also, various self-health monitoring devices like wireless-enabled wearables, activity trackers, pedometers, smartwatches, and other physical fitness monitoring gadgets. 

So it allows the people to take proactive measures to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, AI allows the healthcare professionals to diagnose the disease quickly!

  • Proactive Diagnosis of Diseases

Early identification, screening, and treatment of cancer have all been shown to enhance results. The American Cancer Society is employing a cloud ML engine on Google Cloud Platform to evaluate breast cancer photos at a 12x faster rate. Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is being detected early and asymptomatically using advanced deep learning algorithms. 

This helps diabetic individuals avoid the frightening prospect of permanent blindness caused by retinal damage. The development of consumer wearables and self-health monitoring devices, paired with AI, enables doctors and caregivers to discover potentially life-threatening illnesses at earlier stages, when they are more curable.

Upcoming AI Innovations in the Healthcare Sector

AI is expected to bring out a lot of enhanced innovations in the healthcare industry soon. 

Here are a few healthcare AI technologies to look out for in the near future!

  • Aids the healthcare professionals in advanced ways

Google is doing research to produce breakthrough AI imaging and diagnostic tools that might aid physicians and even handle a potential skill shortage in a potentially difficult circumstance (like the global pandemic). More research is being conducted to enhance the identification of breast and lung cancer, as well as sight-threatening eye problems and skin diseases.

  • Analysis of the Genetic Information in organisms

A congenital condition accounts for 30 percent of individual health consequences. It is estimated that each of us possesses four to five million genetic variations. It was previously difficult for physicians to detect genetic abnormalities and high-risk illnesses at an early stage due to the high cost of sequencing a genome and insufficient sequencing data. Genome sequencing and evaluating genetic variations are exceptionally well performed by deep neural networks, such as DeepVariant.

Summing Up

Necessity is the mother of invention. The latest technologies like AI have brought a lot of advancements to the healthcare sector. Also, it will in more ways in the near future.

If you are looking to integrate AI in your healthcare applications, do consult the best custom software development company.

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