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Loyalty App



A highly configurable and customizable loyalty shopping system which enables customers to earn points and utilize them to enhance their customer privileges.
This Loyalty system allows you to micro-segment your consumers, build an effective strategy and formulate a detailed growth plan that brings you closer to your business goals.

The system modules and their features are:

Customer-loyalty Mobile App
  • Start earning points with every spend
  • Redeem the rewards you’ll love
  • Create your own organized shopping list
  • View transaction, purchase and return history
  • Locate nearest store and offers with GPS system
  • Bar code scanner and price checker


Merchant Admin Web Portal
  • Full customer insight
  • Intuitive rewards management
  • Complete store data oversight
  • Facilitated loyalty program customization
  • Advanced administration & Reporting


Why Loyalty App?




  • Make your brand the destination of choice at the start of the customer’s shopping experience or trip
  • Build traffic, conversion rates and transaction size and, done well, minimize expensive returns.
  • Gain complete insight into customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Access customer data to optimize planning and retail operations.
  • Suggestive selling based on their past purchases and browsing history
  • Coupled with Reporting and Analytics, customer data can be analyzed in detail to build meaningful customer segments and to develop programs and services that maximize long term loyalty.




  • A seamless shopping experience across all sales channels
  • Personalized rewards based on their personal shopping preferences
  • Personalized promotions and communications
  • Promotion to higher reward levels or status as they spend more.


Create a better experience for your in-store, online, and mobile shoppers. Make your customers come back for more

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